When enrolling your child on-line at StageAbility, you accept the terms and conditions presented to you as a rolling agreement.  “A space is automatically reserved for your child for all subsequent terms until you give Notice to Leave.”

The rolling agreement is made between the parent/guardian of each student and StageAbility, and is valid at all times whilst the student is enrolled in our classes and until such time as written notice (please see Notice to Leave) is given. 

If the person placing the booking is not the person who will be accompanying and having care and control of the child attending the booked StageAbility activity then you are responsible for ensuring that the carer has read and complies with these terms and conditions.

Payment Terms

Term Fees are invoiced in September (Autumn Term), by the end of December (Spring Term) and at the beginning of April (Summer Term) and must be paid in full before or at the first class of term.  If fees are not paid, the student may be denied tuition at StageAbility.

Where a customer has been granted a monthly subscription agreement, payments are taken on 1st each calendar month, with the first month including a ‘top up payment’ to bring the payments in line with class dates.  The monthly fee includes a small admin fee.

Late Fee Payment Charge:  Where an invoice has been issued and payment is not received 14 days after term starts, an administrative charge of £10 may be added to your account to cover the considerable amount of time it takes to chase late payments.  We remain grateful to the majority of customers who pay promptly.

Show fees are payable at – or before – the first rehearsal and no refund will be given if your child wishes to leave the project or is asked to leave because of behavioural issues.

Fees for holiday workshops, including summer schools, are payable at – or before – the first day of the project and no refund will be given if your child wishes to leave the project or is asked to leave because of behavioural issues.

Delivering Classes

StageAbility aims to provide the services advertised on all classes falling within the advertised term dates.  We retain the right to change the advertised programme of classes/productions in the event of illness or other circumstances beyond our control.

No refunds are given for times when the student does not attend class.

No refunds are given for dates that are cancelled due to events or circumstances that are beyond our control.

Drama classes and Musical Theatre classes are run for a maximum of 12 classes per term.

School terms may vary slightly.  Please contact the school office or the StageAbility office to confirm.

Uniform must be worn by all students whenever they attend classes or events representing StageAbility.  Details of the current uniform can be obtained by contacting the office.

A teacher may, at any time, ask your child to leave a class if he/she is jeopardising the safety, educational experience or enjoyment of others.

Photographs and Videos

The parent/guardian gives permission for StageAbility to use images of the student in publicity materials.  Should the parent/guardian wish the student to be excluded from publicity materials then this must be put in writing to StageAbility.

Additional Courses and Projects

We encourage students to participate in all projects and/or events in order to increase their exposure to the performing arts.  We also encourage students to get involved in non StageAbility projects locally.

Notice to Leave

Notice to leave must be given – in writing – at half term to terminate this rolling agreement at the end of that term, as per the original contract agreed to on enrollment.  ‘You agree to give half a term’s notice (6 classes) mid term to leave at the end of the term, or pay for 6 classes in lieu of notice.’

Even if the student is unable to attend StageAbility until the completion of the notice period, the fees remain due. 

Failure to provide written notice will mean that your fees for 6 classes of the following term will remain due even though your child may not be attending class.  This is to secure our classes and provide the budgets for our projects with young people.

In the unfortunate event that it is medically no longer possible for your child to attend weekly drama classes or musical theatre classes, fees for the current term will remain payable, but we will waive the requirement of having to give notice at half term to terminate the contract at the end of term when presented with suitable medical evidence in the form of a GP or hospital letter outlining the medical reasons, cancelling the rolling agreement.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the courts of England shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction.